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by Bruce Hallingstad

M!!!y first experience in Alaska began in 1972 working sheep camps out of the Talketna Mountains. I trained under Johnny Luster Sr., one of the finest outfitters in Alaska at the time. He was also referred to as “the old man of the Chickloon”. We soon started guiding on our own, working with master Guide, Bob Cusack, through the 90’s. Finally, we branched off in the year 2000, hunting and fishing the Alaska Peninsula. Our success Rate has been nearly 100% over the last 10 years. With most of our customers coming back for another adventure, and/or referring more hunters and fishermen our way.

Needing a full time base of operation, my wife Annalisa began looking for a spot on the Alaska Peninsula. We came across a fishing and hunting lodge in the Bristol Bay area on the King Salmon and Egegik river system; the perfect place to base our guiding operation. With much help from the previous owner, Mark Laccross, and some of the locals, our dream of owning a lodge came true.

Becharof Lodge is our new 2nd home. Combined with Sea-Tac Taxidermy, our full time taxidermy business, we can offer the outdoorsmen complete hunting and fishing packages. From catching or shooting, to the final mount on the wall.

Meet Our Guides

Bruce Hallingstad
Bruce HallingstadOwner/Guide
I been working the hunting camps for over 30 year. I’m the registered guide for the operation. As owner and operator for Becharof Lodge. I believe we have as good of guides as any other outfit in the state. I put my reputation on them being safe and working together with you to make your trip the hunt of a lifetime.
Carl Adams
Carl AdamsGuide
My Right hand man. Carl is a resident of Alaska. He is also one of our most successful guides. He has lived in the area for 20 years. Carl is a commercial fisherman during the off season. With his smiles and grins he is our most requested guide.
George Joy
George JoyGuide
George has been fishing and hunting in The Egegik area for over 20 years. He’s known as the best mechanic in the area. Besides keeping all our equipment in top shape and being a great camp cook. George has been very successful at getting our clients top trophies. We are very lucky to have George working with us.
Tony BartlettGuide
Tony has lived in the Egegik area for over 40 years. He has been in the commercial fishery out of Bristol Bay for just as long. Tony has guided for us for 10 years now and is the only Class A rated Guide in the area.
David Stumph
David StumphFishing Guide
David has been fishing with us for over 5 years as a client. This year he became one of our fishing guides. Having fished with us in the past he knows the fishing holes as well as anyone on the river. David is very good at working with all types of fisherman. Fly, drift, eggs, jigs and even plunking (LOL!). We our very pleased to have David working with us.
Annalisa Hallingstad
Annalisa HallingstadFishing Guide
Annalisa has been running the Egegik river over 10 years. She has become very well adapted at guiding clients to have a very fun and productive days fishing trip.
Ray Wainright
Ray WainrightChef/Guide
Ray is our chef at the lodge. He has been with us since we started in 2002. If you want to catch fish with eggs, spinners & spoons, Ray is the man to talk to. Besides cooking 3 meals a day. Ray fishes with us each day and is more than happy to help show fisherman all the tricks of the river.
Ryan Miller
Ryan MillerFishing Guide
Ryan has been coming up to our lodge since he was 11 years old (6 years ago) Ryan started from sweeping floors in the main lodge to vacuum packing fish and other important chores. He has been working & learning from our guides and fisherman out on the river. He has grown into a complete fishing guide. Last year he proved this by getting his guides license and guiding fisherman on the river. Way to go Ryan!!
Amber LeiningerFishing Guide
Amber came to us last year as a very experienced fly fishing guide. She can do it all. Amber has been working in Bristol Bay waters for almost 10 years. She has gained much needed knowledge to fish the Egegik river. Amber also has a coast guard license and runs the boats to the fishing holes each day. If you are a novice or experienced fly fisherman she will be will to work with you to make sure you have a great days fishing. I guarantee you will fall in love with Amber before your trip is over.

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