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Remote yet Comfortable

Our fishing camp is situated on the upper stretches of the Egegik River. From here, access to some of the best silver salmon fishing in Alaska is only minutes away.

Multiple, weatherport-style tents are surrounded by a permanent kitchen and dining hall on one side, a bathroom, complete with a shower and spacious steam room on the other, and storage buildings and a few cabins on the other. This layout ensures protection from the wind.

Overlooking the beautiful Egegik River, you’ll watch some of Alaska’s most stunning sunrises, complete with a distant, active volcano. To the west, watch the sun set out your back door, dipping into the Bering Sea, across the captivatingly beautiful tundra.

Our brown bear hunting and moose hunting camps are mobile. On our hunts we want to be able to cover ground in order to search for game. For this reason we utilize quality tents that are quick to put up and take down, so we can move, as needed.

Our camps are as remote as it gets in Alaska, and we make the best effort to offer you a comfortable experience. We are a hunting and fishing camp, first, not a plush lodge. Our cook has been with us for many years, and you can always count on excellent meals, and full days of hunting and fishing.

  • Clean rooms with beds

  • Hot showers

  • Phone Service

  • Satellite TV

  • Wireless Internet

  • Laundry Service

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