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Welcome to Becharof Lodge, one of Alaska’s most remote, breathtaking destinations. The only way to reach our camp is by bush plane. Once here, prepare yourself for one of the most tranquil, captivating experiences of your life!

Ever dream of catching over 50 salmon a day? Here, on the Egegik River, that’s possible. Looking to score on a 10-foot brown bear? We’ve had one of the highest success rates when it comes to hunting big brown bears on the Alaska Peninsula. Moose, wolf and more wildlife can be found here, which is why we chose to locate our camp in this exact spot.

We’re not a plush lodge, rather a comfortable camp in remote Alaska. Our friendly, hard-working, experienced staff will ensure your comfort and safety, and make sure you have a good time. You can trust that we’ll work hard bring your fishing dreams to life, and that those brown bear tags and moose tags get filled!

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