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Packing List for Hunting

Click here to Download a Printable Copy of this list.

Jackets & Coat

  • 1 Hunting Jacket
    • Warm, Waterproof, Wind Stopper & Gor-Tex
    • Suggestions: Cabela’s – MT050 Outfitter Series / Sitka-Jetstream Jacket / Swazi’s – Wapiti Coat This coat does it all (see rain coats ) Sport Hill 3SP Expedition Deep Woods Camo I use: Sport Hill Expedition
  • 1 Light Vest
    • Fleece or Down
    • Suggestions: Cabela’s – Outfitter’s Berber Fleece / REI’s – Marmot Zeus Down Vest / Sitka – Jetstream Vest I use: Sitka’s Jetstream Vest
  • 1 Rain Coat
    • Quality ¾ length “waterproof” rain coat to wear over your hunting coat! Preferably in Earth Tones or Camo Color.
    • Suggestions: Cabela’s – Helly Hanson Impertech / Sitka’s – Cold front Jacket I use: Swazi’s Wapiti Coat Although very pricey, this is probably the best hunting coat on the market It is totally waterproof and very warm! It may be the last good hunting rain coat you will ever buy!

Pants – 3 Pair

  • 2 Pair – for hunting
  • 1 Pair – for camp
  • 1 Pair-Mid weight – Gor-Tex, micro fleece lined, wind stopper type. (Lower leg zippers or snaps make them easy to slip on over footwear.)
  • 1 Pair-Heavy Fleece – Camo / Wind stopper 1 Pair-Light Fleece–Camo or Earth Tone Color
    • Suggestions: Sitka – Ascent and 90% pants / Cabela’s – Dry Plus Rain Suede / Sport Hill – 3SP Expedition II Pants I use: 3SP Expedition II Pant

Shirts – 6

  • 3 – Long Sleeve Fleece or Wool
  • 3 – Short Sleeve Synthetic T-Shirts ( Not Cotton! ) Once wet, it dries slowly if at all.


  • 2 Sets Long Underwear
    • Synthetic Type. Top and Bottom Medium to Heavy Weight.
    • Suggestions: Under Armor, Thermax / Poly pro / Duo-Fold / Sitka Core or similar work well I use: Under Armor
  • 4 Sets Base Layer Underwear
    • Base Layer ( Jersey or Synthetic Under Shorts )
    • Suggestions: Under Armor / Duo-fold Poly or Champion I use: Under Armor


  • 4-6 Pair Socks
    • Medium to heavy weight wool or wool blend / synthetic blend socks. Make sure your socks fit well in your boots.
    • Suggestions: Smart Wool/ Sent-Lok / Ultimax and Ingenious. Are all good brands and offer a variety of weights.
  • 4 Pair Socks
    • Light Weight – Thin Synthetic ( NOT COTTON!!! )
  • 1 Pair Socks
    • Gor-Tex or seal skin socks ( These work really well to Minimize foot and sock moisture inside boots )

Note: Storing your socks in zip-lock bags will keep them dry, easy to find in your pack and comfortable to wear. (Damp socks cause cold, miserable feet!) Storing gear in plastic bags separately in duffle’s works well. (It keeps everything dry and easy to find. shirts, gloves, pants, etc.)


  • 1 Pair Warm Gloves
    • Insulated (Gor-Tex/Thinsulate) I use: Sitka’s Stormfront Glove
  • 1 Pair Glove Liner
    • Light Weight (Light Fleece or Wool) I use: Rag wool
  • 1 Pair Waterproof
    • Waterproof (Glacier Gloves or Seal Skin Gloves) I use: Glacier Gloves


  • 1 Bill Cap
    • Warm, Insulated & Water Resistant
  • 1 Stocking Cap
    • Wind Stopper ( fleece or wool ) Any light to medium weight windstopper fleece or wool cap that covers your ears will work.
    • Suggestions: Sitka Traverse Beanie or Celsius Ha t I use: Sitka’s Merino Beanie
  • 1 Balaclava
    • Pull Over Hat ( Silk scarves work well, are lightweight and compact. When tied around your neck or face provide great wind protection )
    • I use: Cabela’s Wind Stopper Barrier Balaclava


  • 1 Light Hiking
    • Hunting Boots
    • Waterproof with good support.
    • Suggestions: Danner’s / Rocky / Meindel / Muck or Lowe I use: Muck Field Blazer (Awesome Boots!)

Note: Make sure footwear fit well and are broken in before you come! You need to wear multiple layers of socks to keep your feet warm that do not restrict your circulation. Layering your socks will reduce friction on your feet that may cause unwanted blisters.

  • 1 set Breathable Chest Waders
    • Lightweight Breathable Chest or Waist High / worn with hunting boots or wading boots work best. We wear these instead of rain pants! When worn with long johns and fleece pants you will keep warm and dry no matter what the weather conditions are like!
    • If you don’t like hunting in waders, consider the Millennium Wader Jean (with built in Boots) from Cabela’s.
    • Suggestion: For the most weather protection and overall comfort Wear Lightweight Breathable Chest Waders.
    • I use: Simms G4 Guide Convertible Breathable Waders ( they easily convert from waist to chest waders and provide comfort and mobility
    • 1 Tube Patching Material
      • Aqua Seal / Shoe Goo or similar for repairing leaks.
      • TSA will remove standard glue in your wader patch kit from your luggage due to flammability issues
  • 1 Pair Camp Shoes
    • Lightweight Waterproof Rubber bottom shoes or boots (Tennis shoes OK!) Smooth bottom shoes keep sand out of cabins and tents.
    • I use: Muck Edgewater Shoes

Shooting Equipment

  • 1 Rifle w/Scope
    • Minimum of .300 Win Mag. Sighted dead on at 200 yards.
  • 1 Box Ammunition
    • Minimum 180 grain I use: Federal Premium Bear Claws
  • 1 Rifle Cleaning Kit
    • Small rifle cleaning kit or “Bore Snake for your caliber and small bottle of gun oil
  • 1 Shooting Stick
    • ( Optional ) Light weight telescopic walking/shooting stick with flat, non-glare finish.
  • 1 Rangefinder
    • ( Optional ) Light weight compact.
  • 1 Hard Gun Case
    • Lockable Hard Case ( Check with your airline for specific requirements ) For airline transportation and will be left at lodge during the hunt.
  • 1 Soft Gun Case
    • Waterproof Soft Case ( This case will be used in the field ) This will keep your rifle clean and protected in the field and camp.


  • 1 Pair Binoculars
    • Quality Pair ( 8 to 10 power with a 35 to 42 mm objective lens ) Include cleaning cloth or chamois.
    • Suggestions: Buy the best pair you can afford. Best: Leica, Swarovski and Zeiss Good: Leopold, Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Model or Vortex
  • 1 Spotting Scope
    • ( Optional ) Quality Scope Leupold, Swarovski, Vortex, Zeiss,& Leica


  • 1 Day Pack
    • ( Small to Medium Size ) Suitable for stocking game on the tundra. Equipped with padded shoulder straps and waist belt that fit secure on your body over hunting clothes. Large enough to fit your personal gear. ( optics, camera, water bottle, bug dope, hand warmers, snacks, lunch, small emergency / first aid kit, extra ammunition and clothing etc.)
    • I use: Crooked Horn Guide Pack
    • Crooked Horn Outfitters Master Guide Backpack No need for any others, it’s waterproof, roomy & “Made in America” ENOUGH SAID!
  • 1 Sleeping Bag
    • Compact 20 degree bag with compression bag. If you’re personal thermostat runs cold bring a warmer bag!
    • Suggestion: Cabela’s Alaskan Guide bag / Wiggy’s super light bag works well. Check out their FTRSS system if you easily become cold. It is a multi-layer bag system that will allow you to adjust temperature range on bags. Add comfort by including a pillow case, light fleece cap, & heavy warm socks. Use disposable hand / foot warmers to keep your bag warm they work great! (We supply sleeping pads for you.)
    • I use: Wiggy’s Super Light 0 degree bag
  • 1 or 2 Duffle Bag(s) or Dry Bag (Best)
    • ( Waterproof Best! ) Approximately 30″ X 18″ Please no Extra Large bags! When full they are heavy, cumbersome and difficult to transport in the field! ( If you can fit a person in them they are too big!) 2 small duffles work in the field on small aircraft, boats & ATV’s )
  • 1 Water Bottle
    • Quart size with built in filter system and / or iodine pills.
  • 1 Hunting Knife
    • Good for skinning & caping game ( 4″ blade and a small knife sharpener.). Guides will be skinning for you, but can always use some help!
  • 1 First-Aid/Emergency Kit
    • Minor First-Aid Small /.Compact Kit ( Waterproof Band-Aids and pain medication.) Local drug stores carry these and are economically priced.
    • Emergency Kit 1 bx. Waterproof matches, lighter, compass, pocket space blanket. This kit is lightweight, compact and works in emergencies.


  • 1 Camera
    • Digital Camera or similar with extra batteries. Stored in zip-lock or waterproof bag.
  • 1 Flash Light & 1 Head Lamp ( LED with extra batteries.)
  • 1 GPS
    • ( Optional ) Small handheld ( loaded with current regional maps.)


  • 3 Can Liners
    • Large ( 33 gallon ) Garbage bags to store and keep clothes dry, pack dirty clothes and haul out garbage.
  • 3 Zip-Lock bags
    • 1 Gallon Bags to keep personal effects dry.

Personal Effects

  • 1 Pair Sunglasses
    • Quality Eye Protection – It may be windy in the field, on boats & ATV’s. Goggle type work best to protect eyes from wind and sand.
  • 1 Pair Extra Glasses/Contacts
    • Prescription glasses or contacts and contact solution if necessary.
    • Contact Lenses can be affected by wind and sand they may become very dry. ( Backup eye wear is a good idea )
  • 1 Multi-Purpose Tool Quality Leatherman type or small tool kit.
  • 1 Roll Duct Tape
  • 2″ for bandages, patches and gun barrel.
  • 1 Pack Foot Care Kit
    • Trial Size medicated foot powder keeps feet dry, comfortable and prevents blisters. (Mole Skin works great for blisters if you get them.)
  • 1 Lip Balm Chapstick, CEMEX or similar for wind burned lips and face.
  • 1 Sunscreen 30 SPF 6 to 8oz. bottle. Perspiration and Waterproof ( Lotion works well to moisturize dry hands and body )
  • 1 Bug Repellent
    • Insect repellent and / or bug net.
  • 1 Towel Set
    • Bath Towel, Wash Cloth and Handkerchief and/or Facial Tissue.
  • 1 Personal Hygiene Kit
    • 1-Toothbrush in zip-lock bag. 1 Bar of Soap stored in ziplock bag or box. 1 or 2 Pks.-Unscented Wet Wipes ( 30 to 50 total )
    • 1-Toothpaste ( Toothpicks or Floss ) 1 Roll of Toilet Paper in Zip-Lock Bag. ( 2 sm. Pks. work well 1 for camp & 1 for day pack )


  • Needed Medication’s ( prescription or over the counter )
    • Bring extra 1 week supply.
  • 1 Information Card
    • Include Emergency Contact Information and list any medications and dosage you consume.( Laminate if possible or store in ziplock bag )

A really good book.


Packing List for Fishing

Click here to Download a Printable Copy of this list.


  • 2 pair pants (fleece)
  • 1 pair light pants for wearing at the lodge
  • 2 warm shirts (fleece or wool)
  • 2 lightweight shirts for wearing at the lodge
  • 4 wicking type t-shirts
  • 3 pair wool or thermax socks
  • 4 pair of liner socks
  • 1 pair breathable or neoprene chest waders (hip waders okay)
  • 1 pair light hunting or hiking boots
  • 1 pair water proof gloves
  • 1 pair wool or fleece gloves
  • 1 rain coat and pants such as Helly Hansen Impertech
  • 1 set long underwear (under Armor recommended)
  • 1 warm, waterproof hat with ear covers   
  • 1 pair camp shoes such as sneakers
  • 1 warm, fleece coat with wind stopper
  • 1 balaclava (pull over hat), fleece or wind stopper
  • 1 fleece or down vest


  • Water bottle
  • Band aids
  • Any medications you may need (over the counter, prescription)


  • Camera and film
  • Small flashlight
  • *1 spinning fishing rod – 4 lb. to 8 lb.
  • *1 casting fishing rod (medium/heavy)  – 8 lb. to 15 lb.
  • Assorted lures – 1/2 oz. to 1 oz. bright colored (orange, pink, & red) pixies and Mepps type spinners and spoons
  • Fly Fishermen: 2 – 6 lb. to 8lb. rods (call on flies and patterns)
  • 1 Roll of Duct tape

*Spinning and Casting Rod loaners are available if you prefer not to bring yours.

*We do NOT have Fly fishing rods available as loaners.




  • Rods: 8 to 9 wt. traditional or switch, something that you can throw big flies and
    heavy lines with in the wind.
  • Lines: Floating or sinking. Top water opportunities do present themselves from
    time to time but most fish will be caught sub surface so getting down is nice but
    floating line with sinking leader works just fine.
  • Flies: Articulated leaches and streamers in pink, purple, chartreuse, blue, black
    etc. Sizes 1/0 to 4. Have a handful of top water flies for ideal conditions. These
    fish seem to lean towards pinks (think roe colored) and chartreuses but they can
    get a different color stuck in their head everyday so bring a variety. Some
    favorites are:

    • Trailer Trash (in pink and chartreuse)
    • Aleutian Queen
    • Hickman’s Party Boy
    • Green Death
    • Popsicles


T-14 can help get any line down to a fish. Having two rods rigged is
handy for quick switches not to mention the spare factor. Leave rusty hooks and
tapered leaders home: our idea of tippet is 10 to 12 lb. maxima. Anyone who
brings a sharkskin line will be expected to bring their guide extra beer.



  • Rods: 6 weight minimum, for the wind factor if nothing else.
  • Lines: Mostly floating, intermediate sinking is not a bad idea if you’re brining two.
  • Flies: Depending on the time of year, small streamers (size 4 to 8, variety of
    colors) or egg patterns.
  • Beads are hard to beat when the salmon are spawning.


  • Toothpicks (make sure they fit your beads).
  • Beads.
  • Split shot
  • Indicators
  • Egg hooks (Gamakatsu egg hook size 10 is tough enough to land a sliver but small enough for a grayling).


  • We will fillet, vacuum pack & freeze all fish for the trip home.
  • Waxed boxes are provided at no charge.
  • If you want to bring in coolers limit the size to under 50 quarts.

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